Jul 18, 2016


Can't get enough of our bride Millie (July 17,2016) with her choice of makeup and hair.Millie's makeup is a very dramatic look, however because she had the right features to handle this it looked absolutely STUNNING! 


nayan said...

Each one of us is beautiful. It’s the way we choose to define our beauty that makes all the difference. A wreath of dark kohl around the eyes may do the trick for you or just a hint of smoke on the lids. Wedding Makeup

Penguin said...

I can actually attest to the fact that the food was delicious because, unlike other hosts who I hear never get to eat a bite, there was a staff member by my side every so often kindly reminding me to eat! At New York wedding venues we received the best possible service.

No Worries said...

I picked up some orchids from San Francisco Florist for the grand opening of my business in the financial district and they really made my store front/ reception desk pop!

Unknown said...

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