Jul 20, 2016

How To Find The Best Makeup And Hair Team For Your Long Island Wedding

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We understand that finding the right hair and makeup team for your wedding can be a daunting task....and usually one of the last "to do's" on our brides wedding list. When you are searching for a team that is a good match for you, and the rainbow of personalities in your bridal party we can help! Here is a list of what you should look for:

Make sure you look up reviews on two of the top wedding sites, you will find us on:
WeddingWire and The Knot

Look At Tons Of Pictures...we use Instagram which is a great place to start, followed by Facebook
Make sure the work you are viewing compliments your personal style.

Give your considered makeup and hair vendors a phone call. Theres nothing better than really getting a feel for a vendors professionalism than speaking directly with them. Even if you are not sure of the questions to ask, a good vendor will walk you through without you having to give anything but your wedding date, and will not make you feel pressured to move forward. We like our clients to have a wealth of information, and to be able to go and review it prior to booking a trial.
You are always welcome to reach out to us via call or text at

A good makeup artist / hair stylist will listen to your thoughts, and work off of them with your vision in mind...not theirs! For our brides, we do not believe that you are our "canvas". You have a vision of your own, and we listen carefully and that allows us to execute your vision to make your dream look a reality.

Shop around, but try not to let "cheapo" pricing be the deciding factor. A cheap makeup or hair "professional" can cost you more than you think! Trials cost money and time (time is money...) so if you are getting a low-cost to no-cost trial you might be spending your time and money hopping around looking for a "deal". Also consider your photos last a lifetime...so bargain makeup and hair wont be such a bargain! You're spending thousands for good photography potentially ruined by cheap makeup and hair on yourself AND your bridal party (moms and grandmas too).

Get a written quote. Make sure all fees are disclosed and that you request in writing that there will be no "pop-up" fees. Nothing like finding out 3 days before your wedding that your "low-cost" makeup and hair people now want a crazy amount of money to travel or bring a crew. (Yes...we have seen that again and again).

Book your trial as far in advance as possible or your options will narrow down quickly.

Most of all, go with the person/s that make you feel at ease, confidant, comfortable, and of course beautiful! We hope to work with you soon!

Our Happy Fire Island Bride 'Emily'

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