Mar 16, 2016

How Can You Find The Best Bridal Makeup And Hair On Long Island?

We can help! 

Hello to our 2016-2017 brides! We understand that is difficult to find a true professional for makeup & hair on Long Island. I receive calls on a daily basis from brides who have had not-so-wonderful experiences with their first trial runs with other makeup/hair people out there. I find that most of that can be avoided if your choice is not based solely on price, or choosing to use a "friend of a friend" that works the occasional wedding by referral, or the hairdresser thats been cutting your bangs since you were 2. Loyalty is not your obligation wedding day is!

The first problem is this:  NYS does NOT regulate makeup artists! Shocking we know! There's a big BIG chance an unlicensed MUA has never been taught proper sanitation practices (disease control). So if you see your makeup artist blow on a brush (ewwww're getting their germs now), or you see the MUA take a lip brush and dip it into a lipstick tube (now you've got multiple peoples germs on your mouth), or the brushes are not being cleaned in between faces with straight up 91% alcohol (pink eye awaits you) then RUN LIKE HECK they have have not trained under professionals! If your makeup artist is licensed in cos or esthetics it's likely you're safe, and if they are not licensed but have received formal training from a licensed business owner or a solid certification class in makeup...then you're good to go! 

The good news is that NYS does regulate hair stylists....and they MUST be licensed to do your hair (updos, curls, and bridal styling included) and if they are not licensed in cosmetology they are playing it illegally! That is not the type of "pro" you'd want for your wedding! 

Secondly, most makeup artists and hair stylists that are actively working in a salon are not making a living off of weddings! They are primarily cut-n-color, and other hair care services. Weddings are just a quick buck for them. THIS is where you will find that their styling skills, makeup skills and wedding-day management skills can lack big-time! For need a pro that understands lighting, longevity of products, skin tones, facial structure, etc... As for hair, You do not want a style that deconstructs on you midway through your day (sometimes sooner), as many salon stylists still live by the old adage that "dirty hair" Is better to work with and hairspray the heck out of it to curl.That's simply incorrect! Who wants a greasy weighted down mess when most brides are looking to do something soft and romantic!? Oily hair was great for holding banana curls together for proms back in the 1980's...we would hope you're not going for that look!? We have products that can "dirty" your hair if needed! Curling with hairspray? Your hair WILL fall. It's not meant to be used in conjunction with a curling's meant to be used AFTER the style is complete or a few sprays as we are creating the style. A curl setting spray should be used to curl each section...that's what professional styling products do...

Lastly, if you're not hiring a wedding industry specialist (a vendor) your communication, and day of scheduling and booking process will not be what you are will be anything but! Hiring a wedding vendor for makeup and hair should not be compromised! You wouldn't hire Burger King to cater your wedding!? Hiring someone outside the industry can throw you're entire day into a tail spin. This is not the time you want to have anyone's hair look like a birds nest or a hair experiment off of YouTube and its not the time to have their makeup to look like they are a Showgirl (We love our glamour clients don't get me wrong). This is also not the time to play with time! If your hair and makeup people are not familiar with putting together a schedule for you and your bridal party you may very well run late or rush...when this is really the time you want to soak everything in and live in the moment. 

Something to think about: Your makeup and hair team are the first vendors you will be greeted by on your wedding day. So do be sure you like their personality and trust in the professionalism of those you are considering hiring to kick off your wedding day! 

I hope that this has been of some help to our brides out there who are struggling with finding the right makeup & hair vendor. And remember you're always welcome to become one of our brides :)
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