Jul 23, 2013

Makeup And Hair Of Long Island BY Gretchen Marie

Looking for a Makeup Artist And Hair Stylist On Long Island For Your Convenience We Provide BOTH! 

Here is one of Gretchen Marie's July 2013 Bridal Clients, Dana. This was her trial so we can finally post it because SHE IS MARRIED NOW! Come call, text, or visit us today for your bridal makeup trial here  on Long Island, or just book us for your wedding or event! We are looking forward to hearing form you soon!

Gretchen Marie-Owner Of M.A.L.I. Makeup & Hair Services Of Long Island, NY
O.| 631-470-4221
C.| 631-766-4620 (call or text)

Makeup And Hair BY Long Island's Gretchen Marie

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Liêu Á Phàm said...

Thank for sharing!!!

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