Feb 23, 2012

A Makeup Artist That Almost Refused Doing The Smokey Eye! Oh No!

As a professional makeup artist I hear it day after day from my clients..."I want a smokey eye!" And as an artist I understand that a smokey eye, though sexy and sultry does no suit everybody. What many of my clients may not realize that a true smokey eye in the professional sense of the word are not those soft, bridal looking eyes of traditional bridal makeup, but they are the Kim Kardashian! Yes...they are heavily lined and smudged with liner, and dramatically contoured with shadows. As a professional makeup artist it is my obligation to be sure my clients know the difference, and I discover that most do not know. The end result is usually the client coinciding with my decision against the drama of a true smokey eye (unless you are that small percentage that can comfortably pull it off), also ending with much happier result for client and makeup artist!  

The story of a modern day bride and her smokey eye request almost denied goes like this: My Beautiful Client Jillian, who came to me in hopes of doing a smokey eye that she had been denied previously. I too almost turned down that look for her...but I gave it a shot! It worked beautifully...and this was one of those times I went against my own expert opinion and my client was EVER SO RIGHT! It worked beautifully for her! Thank you Jillian :) 

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